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Software Support  -  Frank Meyer-Pfauder

  • 14-Mar-02: I'm very sorry for the long offline-time of this site, but they had simply cancelled my webspace. Anyway the site is now back, and will stay here for now. No updates, because my Amiga stopped working (buaa) and it will probably take long until I can get it repaired...
  • 01-Jul-01: Long time. AmIRC is in v3.5 beta status, and there are no new docs yet (nice). Also, YAM v2.4 Open Source has been released, and YAM2AmIRC works still greatly. I haven't been adding anything, since I am not using the Amiga very often now (except for EMail, that is). If you have any request, just EMail me.
    Oh, and I finally solved the display problems with Netscape. You only have to set the default Serif Font Size to 14. Enjoy :)
  • 08-Jul-00: YAM2AmIRC v2.3 has been released, with a few new features and very optimized. Now, it is also very easy to localize, so drop me an EMail if you want to see it in your language.
  • 30-Jun-00: This Software Support Site can be reached from now on through the following URL:
  • 24-Jun-00: YAM2AmIRC v2.3 is in beta stage now. Mayor optimizationes and a few new features. But sorry, no idea about the release date yet. If you want to contribute and translate it into your language, just drop me an EMail.
  • 17-Apr-00: Some minor changes in the page layout. Should look better now.
  • 30-Jan-00: Links updated. There seem to be still some display problems with the new Support Site. Consult the info page for more information.

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