Welcome to the AmigaOS3.5-designed Software Support Site of Frank Meyer-Pfauder. In order to view this site correctly, you need at least one of the following browsers:
  • AWebII3
    (Doesn't display table backgrounds correctly.)
  • IBrowse2.1
    (Recommended for browsing with Amiga, but still has problems with enlarged images in javascript.)
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or more
    (Works just fine.)
  • Netscape Navigator 4
    (Has a bug with table sizes.)
  • Netscape 6
    (Works fine if you set Serif Standard Font Size to 14.)
  • Voyager3.1
    (Doesn't display table backgrounds correctly either.)
  • Any other browser that supports tables, PNG, javascript and table backgrounds.

If you notice border size problems with PC-browsers, then it might be a bad configured font size. Just choose a smaller font size for your browser.

Special thanks to Olga Rey and Fernando l'Etang Velarde for helping during the test phase.

This page and its contents are ©1998-2001 Frank Meyer-Pfauder.
Any other mentioned trademarks and comercial names are copyrighted by their respective owners.
The GlowIcons used on this site can be found in the AmigaOS3.5 release and on Aminet.

Last update: 01-Jul-2001.

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